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Bringing our Programs to You

Off Site Events

Looking for a fun event to enhance your organization's special day?  We would love to bring Drums Alive®, Creative Relaxation® and Jumpin' Beanz to you!

All we need is electricity to blow up the balls and run our sound system.. we come with everything else!

WiggleKids® has the resources to bring our programs to your organizations for such things as: 

*  Field Days

*  Assemblies

*  Summer Programs

*  After School Programs/Clubs

*  Arts & Education Grants

*  Arts in Residency Programs

*  Special Education Classrooms

*  Family Fun/Fitness Nights

*  Fall Festivals

*  Boy Scout/ Girl Scout meetings

*  Summer Park Events

*  Summer Day Camps

*  Preschools

*  Daycares

*  Homeschool Events

*  Special Interest Group such as medically fragile individuals. 

Please contact owner, Coach Kim Ferrara with your event details and she can put together a proposal and see if we are available.  Please consider contacting us at least 2-3 months in advance to book big events, especially weekends.  But always reach out, we have been known to be able to pull of some pretty amazing last minute events for folks in a crisis!